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Employment Insurance Premiums – A Practical Approach

Sugar Consulting Services is a service provider specializing in the recovery of Employment Insurance Refunds.

Virtually all employers and employees are in accordance with the regulations of the Income Tax Act (Canada) obligated to pay Employment Insurance premiums,  this mandated social program is to fund and provide financial assistance to individuals should they become unemployed. The payment of EI premiums does mean there is an entitlement to collect payment benefits from this program, however on an individual case by case basis one’s respective employment may or may not be insurable Employment by definition and as such EI premiums may be exempt and not apply, and if appropriately determined the EI premiums can and may be refunded.

The EI program and its refund regime are extremely bureaucratic, complex and subjective, determining your situations possible refund suitability and eligibility requires an experienced professional who is knowledgeable in this process providing you with the necessary in depth technical skills that are required to obtain a refund on your behalf.

Sugar Consulting Services provides your EI refund recovery by being personally hands on in all aspects.  We personally guide and assist you every step of the way from the beginning to the completion of what is necessary in this process to obtain a successful refund claim. In doing so we meticulously prepare all the necessary forms, narratives, technical descriptions and required paperwork at your premises, and then complete and review your ruling request application with you personally before submitting this information on your behalf to Canada Revenue Agency.

Our services are in addition to and are to complement and assist your internal accounting staff and or your external professional accountants, auditors and financial advisors.


$$$ THE REFUND $$$

The government legislation provides that the maximum period of refund recovery is the previous three years as well as the current year predicated on a refund claim filed prior to December 31.  This equates to a potential refund per applicant in the range of approximately $8,000 plus potential future savings of $2,000 per year for every year thereafter. As EI premium rates are anticipated to annually increase, the future projected savings over the next ten years will exceed $25,000 per individual.

It is important to note that upon receiving a successful ruling on your behalf the employer and the employee will be exempt in perpetuity for ever having to pay EI premiums again.

Who’s Eligible for an EI Refund?

  • Children - Sons and daughters
  • Spouses - Husbands and wives
  • Parents - Mothers and fathers
  • Siblings - Brothers and sisters
  • Non-related persons

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Our Guarantee

  • Simply - If you don’t receive a refund, you don’t pay!
  • There are no upfront costs or charges, hourly rates or hidden fees

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