Who’s Eligible

Who’s eligible for a refund?

Most “related” members of family businesses who are paying Employment Insurance premiums may qualify for a refund.   These relationships exist by virtue of marriage (including common-law), adoption, or blood.

As such the following are considered to be related – Children / Spouses / Parents / Siblings

  • Children – Sons and daughters – including son/daughter in laws, step-children, and grandchildren
  • Spouses –  Husbands and wives – including common-law partnerships
  • Parents –  Mothers and fathers – including mother/father in laws, step-parents and grandparents
  • Siblings –  Brothers and sisters – including brother/sister in laws, step-brothers and step-sisters


Non-related persons:

There is another major qualified eligible group that is defined as “Non-related persons”. This group comprises individuals who are employee shareholders, corporate officers as well as senior executives whose employment relationship is of a “non-arm’s length relationship”.

Who’s Eligible for an EI Refund?

  • Children - Sons and daughters
  • Spouses - Husbands and wives
  • Parents - Mothers and fathers
  • Siblings - Brothers and sisters
  • Non-related persons

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